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Data and Insights for Publishers

We help publishers capture better first-party data, optimize content performance, improve user experience and grow digital advertising revenue.

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We work with publishers to break down the barriers between media, ad serving and analytics and advance your tech maturity. Our expertise spans the data lifecycle:

  • Data Collection and reporting
  • Data Integration + Google Cloud Platform
  • Activation + intervention
  • Audience creation and monetization
  • Content and behavioral targeting
  • Real-time header bidding
  • Newsletter and subscription optimization

As a key contributor to the Google News Initiative and a co-creator of Data Tools for News Organizations, we’ve created free resources and tools to help you better understand and predict your customers’ behavior, and identify content that will resonate with them.

Learn how to tag and capture data

Identify content that will reduce churn

Maximize ad revenue and targeting

Make a measurable impact and prove results

Likelihood to Act: Mapping Key Action Points of the Subscriber Journey

This comprehensive playbook helps you build models that will allow you to understand your potential for gaining or losing customers, allowing you to intervene and retain business.

Maximizing the Value of Your Content

This playbook allows you to understand what content will resonate with your customers at specific points in their buyers’ journeys.

3 Factors For A Successful Data Science & Machine Learning Project

Funnel Analysis & Activation

Content Marketing Analysis

News Tagging Guide

Take a look at the News Tagging Guide we created in collaboration with Google. It offers helpful tools, including code snippets, data modeling, data dictionaries, a video measurement demo tool and playbooks.

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More Tools For Publishers

We’ve also developed a host of additional resources to help you get the
most value from your data:

Video Measurement Demo Tool

Likelihood to Act: Mapping Key Action Points of the Subscriber Journey

Maximizing the Value of Your Content

Content Marketing Analysis

Funnel Analysis and Activation

Three Factors for a Successful Data Sciences and Machine Learning Project

Shifting from What Happened to What’s Next: How Publishers Can Use Data to Predict User Behavior

Get Predictive Modeling Playbooks That Create Impactful Audience Insights

Adswerve Helps Publication Industry Leader, Gannet, Build Advanced Analytics Models to Boost Revenue

Utilizing the Power of Google Analytics to Capture Better First-Party Data & Optimize Content Performance

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