Is DV360 Right For You? 5 Compelling Cases to Move Beyond Google Ads’ Display Network

November 30, 2023

One of the most common questions our Adswerve team gets asked is, “Why should I move display media dollars from Google Ads into Display & Video 360?”

Google’s Display & Video 360 (DV360) comes with a transparent cost, so media buyers want to understand the value they receive in exchange. The answer to the question is with another question, “What do your media buying and team goals look like?” Read below to see five compelling cases in which DV360 can be a better fit for your business.

5 Compelling Cases to Make the Move to DV60

1. Campaign Manager 360 (CM360) is Already in Your Tool Repertoire 

DV360 natively integrates with CM360 for creative placements and floodlights. This eliminates the need to export CM360 tags and reupload them into another platform, piggyback additional pixels for measurement or first-party audience collection, and brings your whole DV360 strategy into CM360 alongside the rest of your media for streamlined attribution reporting. Who doesn’t love maximizing tools? 

2. Media Workflow and Cost Efficiencies Are Top of Mind

An additional benefit to the note above is how your teams can work more efficiently and save operating costs since CM360 and DV360 are linked. You and your team have more time for media planning, reporting and optimizations, all while saving room for potential errors or asking additional teams to place more pixels. Even if you don’t have CM360, DV360 simplifies workflows as you are able to buy multiple ad formats in one place, so your teams don’t need to communicate, traffic, build, report and project manage multiple vendors to effectively execute a campaign. This time savings leads to cost savings, which reduces the all-in cost of using DV360.

3. Your Campaigns Involve Many Formats and Inventory Types

Speaking of buying multiple ad formats in one place, DV360 seamlessly allows media buyers to access Online Video, Connected TV, YouTube (YouTube Shorts and YouTube TV included), Display, Audio, Digital Out of Home (DOOH), and Native in one UI. Plus, buyers are able to go beyond Google’s O&O inventory, so your team can buy the whole gamut of media in one place. This includes 57+ media exchanges like Magnite, Rubicon, AdsWizz, FreeWheel, GumGum, Kargo, Place Exchange, ShareThrough, TapJoy, and Vistar. Not only does this consolidation lead to workflow time savings, but DV360 allows buyers to layer on frequency caps across all formats so your media dollars have less waste and go further, too.

4. Detailed reporting and control are a priority

We’ve heard from many clients that they are okay with the limited display inventory in Google Ads, but they would like to dive deeper into the platform results to confirm its backend efficacy. DV360 is likely to better fit your needs in this scenario! You can get granular insights into common metrics like views, impressions, clicks, conversions (click through and view through), viewability, and more complex metrics like quartile and completed views, % on full-screen, CPCV, media cost, and audio mutes.

There are also numerous dimensions to see these metrics by, like line item, audience segment, ad group, app/URL, creative, creative type, device type, exchange, and time of day. The best part is you can turn these insights into actionable edits to your campaigns, as most of these dimensions correlate to different setting opportunities in DV360. 

For clients who like the “set it and forget it” method, where there is little control or decisions needing to be made on your part, Google Ads can be successful for you. For those clients who know digital media is nuanced and want to have control over where their dollars are spent and then be able to report out accordingly to track it, DV360 is in your wheelhouse! The DSP lets buyers set budgets, bid strategies, and targeting decisions at the granular level of a Line Item. This allows campaigns to be more dynamic and effective at reaching who you need but also optimizing specifically for them. 

5. You and your team like maximum targeting opportunities

If you know diversity is critical to a media campaign’s success, even if running a simple prospecting or remarketing campaign, then DV360 will fit you like a glove. Consumers are all over desktops, phones, Connected TV devices, and just generally out and about in the world constantly connected. This creates a need to reach them everywhere. To do that, you need a robust DSP – not just a Google silo-ed Google Ads. DV360 is equipped with the following targeting selections to let you slice and dice how you need:

  • Third-party data (custom-built, B2B segments, shopping behaviors, etc.)
  • GA4 audiences
  • CRM onboarding with LiveRamp (and other DMPs) 
  • Brand Safety + Viewability (including IAS and DV wrapped tags and pre-bid segments)
  • 57+ exchanges, including those that specialize in OLV, Native, CTV, and DOOH
  • Deal IDs to serve on specific-publisher inventory
  • Exclusion audiences (layer on each Line Item and set specific timeframes for each)

If you have any additional questions or would like to chat more about how DV360 could be a great fit for your business, please contact us today!